IRONBARK  Executive  Search


This is a target search of already employed top managers and unique specialists from across the globe. We conduct our search in our specialist areas as well as neighboring sectors.

We create a search strategy, assessment methods and ways of attracting the best professionals to your company for each specific task.

We offer a flexible, professional and target-oriented approach.

We find a new vision for every single project, but it is still based on our long and diverse practical experience, deep knowledge and market analysis.

Your company will be represented by a team of consultants and experts with over 150 years combined of proven experience in our specialist areas.

As a rule, our team works with positions such as General Director, Vice President and mid-tier executives, but the search for your next top-dog could be extended to look for unique specialists.

Our expertise spans sectors such as Investment, High-Tech Engineering & Construction, Digital & Technology, Chemistry, Energy, Renewables, Mining.

We successfully deliver projects that cover all of the following departments: Sales, Marketing, HR, R&D, IT, Finance, Procurement, Logistics, Supplies, Facilities management, and General management.

The unique combination of psychological skills, business experience, sectoral expertise and the successful implementation of complex projects allow us to be able to recruit the perfect candidates. We always strive to match our candidates to your corporate culture, working environment, strategic goals, and your company’s development stage in a timely and unbiased manner.

During the interview, we identify key professional competencies, character traits, motivation and the conditions that will allow their competencies to reveal themselves in the best possible way.

At the same time, we understand that motivation can be supported by your company’s in-house policies and procedures which aim at enhancing employee attraction and retention.

Our selection process is based on partnership and common goals. It includes:

    • developing a comprehensive brief of the position and the candidate profile;
    • identifying the most attractive aspects of your company and the position on the market for prospective candidates;
    • forming a search strategy aimed at the target audience;
    • using a combined search strategy to attract both active and passive candidates (those who are not actively looking for a job). This step includes our standard search, analysis, reference requests in the business community and direct contact;
    • preliminary assessment and a subsequent interview for the comprehensive assessment of shortlisted candidates;
    • approving the final list of candidates with the client and making a comprehensive report containing the interview results.

Our experience has found that candidates for top management positions are not inclined to take risks unless they are actively looking for a new role. Therefore, they need a clear and convincing proposal where their role, terms and conditions and the company’s prospects are clearly specified.

In addition to our professional search and assessment, we help our clients make a motivating proposal and provide comprehensive support during the recruitment process.

Market Mapping helps our clients gain a better understanding of the company’s position in the competitive business environment in terms of human resources.

This is a multifaceted service that comes in all shapes and sizes as we are able to source top talents from local, regional or international markets.

For example, we can provide information about a dozen professionals on a global scale or 100 regional ones. It could be either a long list or detailed profiles of the 50 top experts in the required field. It all depends on your business requirements.

The potential ways of applying Market Mapping include:

  • a basic market map makes it possible for clients to attract candidates using their own recruiting resources;
  • the information about the distribution, size and structure of your competitors’ departments is applicable in the context of strategic planning of department structure and restructuring it according to a certain standard;
  • a general market overview helps you to assess your department development plans and resource supply and how realistic your expectations are;
  • conducting further research, to identify market leaders as well as the strongest current and prospective players.